Sunday, January 30, 2011

My first Mio GPS & Me

Hello everyone!

Some people may know me from Serbian EliteSecurity forum (, username: knyazs) where I wrote numerous posts about GPS navigations (specifically Mio Mov), how to unlock it, how to install Mio Pocket on it, which navigation to use and so on.

When I bought MioMoov, MioMap 2008 was installed on it. I was not really satisfied with this software and I wanted to change it. Of course, i went to google...

There are many forums and posts and almost every post starts with: "Don't change files in your device!", "Do nothing if you are not sure!", etc. I guess what - they were right! :) Really, if you are not sure what you're doing - don't do it!

After couple hours, I finally found MioPocket (MP)! MP is really great unlock: it can be installed from SD Card (so you devices stays intact!), has many features: office, players, games, etc. Even it has many applications that I've never used, it was my choice for many months. But few months ago, version 4 appeared and I really, really didn't like it! They tried to make interface similar to iPhone's but it just don't work as you would expect. But, I believe that Osprey & CO will improve MP but for now, I just don't want to use it.

From my experience, there are many people out there with difficulties so I decided to help. This blog will contain my experiences with this evil GPS devices :)


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