Sunday, April 17, 2011

New site

Hi everyone!

To be able to easily find all the information from this blog, I created a web site:


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

iGO Navigation on Android

Difficult!? No way, just follow procedure:
  • Download Motonav application here (iGO branded for Motorola)
  • Copy this installation file to your Android device
  • Install it
  • On SD Card create folder MOTONAV
  • Inside this folder, create two folders: CONTENT and LICENSE
  • CONTENT folder is same as any iGO content folder: it contains maps, building, pois,... You can find newest version of CONTENT folder on my other blog, just click here. Content folder structure is shown below:
  •  LICENSE folder contains several files that MOTONAV uses to start. It's structure is shown below and you can download that folder here. Just unpack it and put into MOTONAV folder on SD Card

Thats it!

Just for check, at the end you should have MOTONAV folder on the root of SD Card and two folders inside MOTONAV folder: CONTENT and LICENSE:

If you did everything as said, insert your SD Card into your device and start Motonav on your Android device and all should work. :)

Thanks for reading my blog,

Good luck!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Latest iGO Maps, Buildings, POIs,...

For everyone who need iGO maps for Europe, here is torrent with complete content of whole Europe.

Difference between these torrent and other similar torrents on net is that this torrent combines best maps, POIs, buildings and petrols from many sources. Currently, most of content is from Navteq.

You can download Europe Content torrent freely, just click on link below. It's size is 2.37GB.


Note: These torrent is for usage only with iGO software (iGO, iGO Amigo and preferrably for iGO Primo).

Good luck!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

MioMoov 330 EU - Complete Content (with MioPocket)

Hello everyone!

If you accidentally deleted something from your device, here is complete content for MioMoov 330 EU (Europe Plus 2008.01 maps) devided into eight rar files, just unpack / combine and copy everything to your device:
Note: This is content for device with 2GB flash disk!

Good luck!

Mio (Moov) PATHS.XML problem

So, you managed to modify your PATHS.XML file and now you cannot connect to you device via USB?

Don't panic, there is a solution:

Disconnect your device from any power source and leave it powered on... when battery drains out (no image on your screen), plug-in your USB cable and device should recognize it. If not, restart device and try again until you succeed.

Finally, when you manage to connect to device, open you PATHS.XML file and replace you text with original one (text below is for MioMoov 330, I didn't tested other devices):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 
    <basepath>\Program Files\MioMap</basepath> 

After that, save this file and restart you device to see if everything is OK. If not, repeat whole procedure until succed.

Good luck!

MioMoov simple unlock - Do it yourself

Hello there!

If you would like to unlock you MioMoov device, without any unlock application, this is right place for you! :)

I tried many unlocks and I was not satisfied with any! Why? Mostly these unlocks have lot of functionalities that I don't use, they are often unstable, especially if they are started from SD Card (so called SD Card unlocks), many unlocks need GPS signal to be able to start so if something happens, you need to restart device, wait for GPS signal, install unlock, start your navigation software and then you can continue driving. It often lasts several minutes!

Long story short, I just need reliable navigation and that's it!

Because of all these reasons, I decided to unlock MioMoov 330 by myself. Even if I thought it will be difficult, if fact it's not! You just need to precisely follow procedure:
  1. Decide which software you would like to use and download it to your computer. (I use iGO Primo)
  2. Connect navigation to computer. (I have USB cable)
  3. Copy desired navi application files to your device. (I copied it to Program Files\Primo folder)
  4. Go to Program Files\MioMap folder, locate file AppStartupSec.ini and open it (Notepad will do the trick)
  5. Locate line ProcessFile=\Program Files\MioMap\MioMap.exe
  6. Change following lines (in that process): RelativePath to FALSE and ProcessFile to \Program Files\Primo\iGO.exe
  7. Restart your device and wait for magic to happend - your navi application is starting :)
Note 1:  if you need space on your device for maps from your software, you can easily delete (or better backup) original MioMap2008 map file. You can find it by it's extension and size: extension is cpf and this file is almost always the largest file.

Note 2: If you want to do "Factory Reset", you just need to:
  1. Delete folder you added for your navigation (in my case it's folder Primo)
  2. Put back MioMap2008 map to it's original path (if you deleted it)
  3. Change AppStartupSec.ini file to original state (RelativePath=TRUE, ProcessFile=\Program Files\MioMap\MioMap.exe)
About this method...

Good: you can restart your device and application will start immediately. No waiting for unlocks to load.
Bad: you don't have possibility to start some other navigation application (not even MioMap2008 that was built in) or any other application like games, office tools, etc.

So, if you need just navigation software on your device and you want everything to work fast, do it this way and I guarantee that you will be satisfied.

My first Mio GPS & Me

Hello everyone!

Some people may know me from Serbian EliteSecurity forum (, username: knyazs) where I wrote numerous posts about GPS navigations (specifically Mio Mov), how to unlock it, how to install Mio Pocket on it, which navigation to use and so on.

When I bought MioMoov, MioMap 2008 was installed on it. I was not really satisfied with this software and I wanted to change it. Of course, i went to google...

There are many forums and posts and almost every post starts with: "Don't change files in your device!", "Do nothing if you are not sure!", etc. I guess what - they were right! :) Really, if you are not sure what you're doing - don't do it!

After couple hours, I finally found MioPocket (MP)! MP is really great unlock: it can be installed from SD Card (so you devices stays intact!), has many features: office, players, games, etc. Even it has many applications that I've never used, it was my choice for many months. But few months ago, version 4 appeared and I really, really didn't like it! They tried to make interface similar to iPhone's but it just don't work as you would expect. But, I believe that Osprey & CO will improve MP but for now, I just don't want to use it.

From my experience, there are many people out there with difficulties so I decided to help. This blog will contain my experiences with this evil GPS devices :)